Pink Stone Bling Name Badges with Magnet - 1.5 x 3 -

Pink Stone Bling Name Badges with Magnet - 1.5 x 3


Pink, bold, and classy, the perfect way to start every interaction with your new customers! Our stylish magnetic custom name tags are the gold standard in the industry for quality and creativity! They come in a 1.5X3” size and a premium 2-ply material, and can be customized to fit your brand through our online design tool!

These beautiful badges are hand crafted with metal frames and each stone is selected and placed in its setting to ensure a perfect sparkle every time! There are three gorgeous stone colors to choose from that can complement your badge design: Clear, Pink and Turquoise. Click on the Bling Badge design tool and alternate the stone colors to decide which on works best for you! You can also select from a 1"x3" rectangle, 1.5" x 3" rectangle, or a lovely oval shape.

Quantity Pricing Starting at:
*These prices are based off our standard name tags with basic options.


1-10 Pcs.


11-20 Pcs.


21-30 Pcs.


31-50 Pcs.


51-100 Pcs.


101-250 Pcs.


251-1000 Pcs.


1000+ Pcs.

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