Chalkboard Name Badge - 1 x 3 -

Chalkboard Name Badge - 1 x 3


Nothing says “I care about my team” more than easily customizable name badges with room for creativity in each name tag! With the help of our Chalkboard 1x3” customizable name badges, you can introduce a unique, attention-grabbing way to bring your customers closer to your team members!

You can customize each name badge to your liking through our design tool, maintaining the same quality all across the board.

Quantity Pricing Starting at:
*These prices are based off our standard name tags with basic options.


1-10 Pcs.


11-20 Pcs.


21-30 Pcs.


31-50 Pcs.


51-100 Pcs.


101-250 Pcs.


251-1000 Pcs.


1000+ Pcs.

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